Ariana Grande Offloads Hollywood Hills Retreat, Incurring Loss in Deal with Bad Bunny


Ariana Grande Offloads Hollywood Hills Retreat

Ariana Grande Offloads Hollywood Hills Retreat
Ariana Grande Offloads Hollywood Hills Retreat

Last year, Ariana Grande made headlines with her nearly $5 million purchase of a secluded Hollywood Hills house from Cameron Diaz. Now, in an unexpected move, the singer has decided to part ways with her cottage-sized home in the trendy Bird Streets neighborhood, approximately 1.5 miles west of her new residence.

Although the Bird Streets property was never officially listed, records reveal that it has been sold for $8.3 million to Benito Antonio MartĂ­nez Ocasio, the Puerto Rican rapper widely known as Bad Bunny. Unfortunately for Grande, the selling price falls short of the $8.9 million she invested in the property less than two years ago in early 2021. Adding Los Angeles’ controversial mansion tax and other closing costs, it’s evident that the 30-year-old artist faced a loss of over $1 million during her brief ownership of the 0.74-acre estate.

Breathtaking Transformation: Ariana Grande Unloads Hollywood Hills Residence, Absorbing Loss in Deal with Bad Bunny
Breathtaking Transformation: Ariana Grande Offloads Hollywood Hills Retreat, Absorbing Loss in Deal with Bad Bunny

Since the transaction was conducted off-market and the house wasn’t publicly available for sale, details and images are limited. Tax records confirm that the property comprises three contiguous parcels on a steep hillside, offering breathtaking views. The primary structure on the lot is a renovated cottage built in 1946, spanning under 1,600 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The cottage underwent significant renovations around 2020, showcasing a charming blend of rustic and contemporary styles. Additionally, the property boasts a spacious outdoor patio, a two-car attached garage, and a dark-bottom swimming pool.

The most distinctive aspect of the home is its exceptional privacy, tucked behind an exceptionally long gated driveway. Shielded from public view by tall hedges and trees, the entire property provides a hidden retreat. From its elevated position, the house enjoys sweeping views over the vibrant Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, and beyond.

Bad Bunny, the new owner, not only adds this Bird Streets residence to his portfolio but also maintains a more substantial estate acquired in the Hollywood Hills just last year for nearly $9 million. Whether he intends to keep or sell this new property remains unknown, but with his staggering success, including a 2022 tour grossing $230 million and the bestselling album globally, he has the financial capacity to manage both residences, surpassing industry heavyweights like Beyoncé, Drake, and BTS.


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