Halle Bailey from The Little Mermaid Gleefully Welcomes Her 1st Child with Rapper DDG


The Little Mermaid actor Halle Bailey welcomes first child with rapper DDG: ‘Never been so in love…

Actress Halle Bailey, known for her upcoming role in The Little Mermaid, recently welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with her boyfriend, rapper Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., also known as DDG. Both Halle and DDG happily shared the news on their social media accounts and revealed the sweet name they’ve chosen for their son: ‘Halo.’

Halle Bailey from The Little Mermaid welcomes her 1st child with rapper DDG.

In an endearing picture shared by Halle, she showed her son’s tiny hand adorned with a bracelet bearing his name. Alongside the picture, she expressed her joy, stating, “Although we’re a few days into the new year, the best thing that 2023 brought me was my son. Welcome to the world, my Halo. The world is eager to know you.”

DDG also posted a similar picture and conveyed his feelings, saying, “My greatest blessing yet, my son. I’ve never felt such deep love. Baby Halo.”

Halle Bailey from The Little Mermaid and DDG

The relationship between Halle, 23, and DDG, 25, started sparking rumors in January 2022 at Usher’s Las Vegas residency. They confirmed their relationship officially on Halle’s 22nd birthday in March 2022. Later, they appeared together on the red carpet at the BET Awards and also shared a more intimate moment in a TikTok video where they were doing vocal warm-ups. However, DDG faced backlash in 2023 for his song “Famous,” which seemed to target Bailey’s publicity tour for her role in The Little Mermaid.

Reflecting on her feelings about love and relationships, Halle spoke openly in an interview with British Vogue. She shared, “Experiencing deep love for the first time in my life has opened up a new world for me creatively. Knowing what it’s like to love someone beyond your family, to have someone who was a stranger just two years ago but now means everything to you, it’s a whole different world. With what’s coming up for me, there’s a lot of attention on me now. Sometimes, I wish there weren’t so many eyes on me, especially while going through something as significant as this for the first time.”


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