Putin’s Upcoming Diplomatic Venture to North Korea Sparks Anticipation, State Media Reports


Putin’s Upcoming Diplomatic Venture to North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the near future, as per reports from North Korean state media on Sunday. This signals a deepening partnership between the two leaders amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and escalating military tensions in East Asia.

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Putin expressed gratitude for Kim’s invitation to visit Pyongyang and committed to undertaking the visit “at an early date.” This reciprocal visit follows Kim’s journey to Russia’s far eastern region in September last year, where he visited a fighter jet factory and a rocket-launch facility.

Putin's Upcoming Diplomatic Venture to North Korea
Putin’s Upcoming Diplomatic Venture to North Korea

During Kim’s previous visit, he commended Russia for resisting “hegemonic forces” in the Ukrainian conflict, and Putin indicated a willingness to support North Korea in advancing its space and satellite programs.

Recent events suggest an increase in collaboration between Russia and North Korea, particularly in the context of the Ukraine conflict. The US Defense Department reports that Russia has launched North Korean-made missiles at targets in Ukraine in the past month. Additionally, South Korean intelligence notes that Pyongyang has supplied Moscow with over a million artillery shells, potentially for use in the Ukrainian invasion.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov mentioned that the dates for Putin’s visit are still under discussion through diplomatic channels and will be disclosed later.

Last week, North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui met with Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow to address Korean Peninsula issues, Northeast Asia dynamics, and international peace and security. The discussions emphasized a shared commitment to strengthening strategic cooperation.Putin's Upcoming Diplomatic Venture to North Korea

Western analysts speculate that Russia could provide technological support to Kim’s nuclear-capable missile program, posing potential threats not only to East Asian neighbours but also to the mainland United States with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Kim’s recent stance against South Korea has toughened, with statements indicating a shift away from seeking reconciliation. He has instructed various sectors, including the military, munitions industry, nuclear weapons, and civil defence, to expedite war preparations in response to perceived “confrontation moves” by the US.

In a recent speech to a Supreme People‚Äôs Assembly (SPA) meeting in Pyongyang, Kim labelled South Korea as the North’s “primary foe and invariable principal enemy,” suggesting a more confrontational approach and even calling for the demolition of a reunification monument in the North Korean capital.

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