Nike Unexpectedly Terminates 27-Year Partnership with Tiger Woods: Officially Parts Ways in a Surprising Move


Nike Unexpectedly Terminates 27-Year Partnership with Tiger Woods

Golf legend Tiger Woods made headlines on Monday, announcing the conclusion of his lengthy 27-year collaboration with Nike, the world’s biggest sportswear company.

“Over 27 years ago, I was lucky to begin a partnership with one of the most iconic brands globally,” Woods shared on X, hinting at new chapters ahead.

Nike bid farewell to Woods on Instagram, acknowledging his remarkable impact: “It was a hell of a round, Tiger. You challenged the norms and inspired us. For that challenge, we’re grateful.Nike Unexpectedly Terminates 27-Year Partnership with Tiger Woods

Despite Woods’ departure, ON Running’s CEO, Marc Maurer, dispelled rumors during the ICR Retailing Conference, clarifying that Woods wouldn’t be joining their brand. “We hope he finds a great new partner. It’s not going to be us,” Maurer conveyed.

Throughout the years, Woods’ connection with Nike remained, from his professional debut in 1996 to his triumphant 2019 Masters win, marking his first major victory in 11 years. Despite sponsorship losses following a public scandal, Nike stood by Woods, retaining their association.

The iconic “Hello World” ad by Nike in 1996 marked Woods’ professional arrival, featuring his opening statement at the Greater Milwaukee Open: “I guess, hello world, huh?”

Woods signed a groundbreaking five-year endorsement contract with Nike in 2000, reportedly worth $85 million, setting records in sports endorsements. Subsequent deals, including a 10-year agreement in 2013 for around $200 million, underscored their enduring partnership, though later evaluations placed the annual value at half the previous amount.

Even with Woods remaining a prominent figure, surveys by Q Score revealed that his public perception has shifted, albeit retaining a more favorable standing among sports enthusiasts compared to the average athlete.

Nike Unexpectedly Terminates 27-Year Partnership with Tiger Woods

Eric Smallwood, president of Apex Marketing Group, speculated about Nike’s motives, suggesting a potential shift from golf-related ventures, given Nike’s discontinuation of selling golf balls and clubs with their logo.

Despite conjecture, Woods, a new director on the PGA Tour policy board, remains a key figure in golf, turning down a considerable sum to participate in LIV golf, a move that aligns with Woods’ strategic decision-making.

Joshua Butler, founder of J. Butler Golf, emphasized Woods’ strategic acumen, acknowledging Nike’s shifting focus away from golf-related products and highlighting Woods’ potential to explore fresh opportunities.

“It’s not that Nike erred, or that Woods was discontent; rather, this presents an excellent chance to engage a younger audience and those eager to play,” Butler noted. “Tiger comprehends his significance to the golf industry and to people of color, making this shift monumental.


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