Stellar Skyline Cheerleading Duo Dazzled the Citrus Bowl


Skyline Cheerleading Duo Dazzled the Citrus Bowl

Karleigh Peacock and Madyson Workman, from Skyline, had an amazing opportunity in Orlandoon New Year’s Day, where they showcased their cheerleading skills not once, but twice.

Recalling their memorable experience, Workman expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “I absolutely loved it. It was such a great experience.”

Peacock also echoed her sentiment, adding, “It was really amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.”

Skyline cheerleading duo secured this incredible chance after ranking among the top two teams in a Universal Cheerleaders Association Cheer Camp last summer. While several members earned this fantastic opportunity, Peacock and Workman were the ones who opted to participate and perform at the event.

Their performances included an enthralling pre-game routine, which they rehearsed within a few days. They also had the exciting opportunity to perform alongside the talented singer Gavin DeGraw during the halftime show.

To fund their trip, the duo organized various fundraising events and expressed gratitude for the community’s support throughout the endeavor.Skyline Cheerleading Duo

Workman shared that she and her family arrived before Christmas, while Peacock joined on December 29. The event gathered around 700 cheerleaders from across the country, with Peacock and Workman representing Virginia as the only two participants from their state.

“It was fantastic to meet so many girls from different places like Ohio, Tennessee, and even Alaska,” Peacock shared. “Everyone had something in common, which made it easy to connect and make new friends.”

They mentioned that some cheerleaders attended the event alone, highlighting their appreciation for having each other’s support. The participants were encouraged to exchange school T-shirts, fostering camaraderie among the cheerleading squads.

During their stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Studios, they had some leisure time to explore Universal Studios and enjoyed a delightful breakfast at the Hard Rock Café.

Despite having several practice sessions to learn the routines, the pair received the choreography for Gavin DeGraw’s halftime performance a couple of days before the event. They were thrilled when DeGraw selected his hit song ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ for the performance, although the routines were continuously refined by the UCA staff until the last minute.

However, they faced a minor setback as they couldn’t practice on the actual football field at Campus World Stadium, which made their preparations slightly challenging.

Additionally, they were taken aback by the massive audience at Campus World Stadium, which accommodates up to 60,219 seats.

“I was more nervous than I expected,” shared Workman. “Seeing everyone there was overwhelming. I had a mini-panic attack.”

Despite the initial nerves, they were pleased with their performance and relished the experience. Peacock particularly cherished the moment when they performed, soaking up the cheers and excitement from the crowd under the warm sun.

Workman highlighted how this experience provided her with insights into what it might be like to cheer at the college level, expressing her aspirations to join Penn State’s cheerleading team.

For Peacock, this event opened her eyes to the possibilities in cheerleading, especially in a college atmosphere. She found it fascinating to witness the cheerleaders from both Iowa and Tennessee.

They expressed immense gratitude for the support from their teammates, Skyline Athletic Director Bill Cupp, Coach Amanda Kraus, and the community. They took pride in representing Skyline and their teammates on such a grand platform and aspire to have similar experiences in the future.


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